This function produces the 4 plots based only on the data stored in the eList. The four plots are 1) log concentration versus log discharge, 2) log concentration versus time 3) a boxplot of log concentration by month, and 4) a side-by-side boxplot of the sampled discharges and all daily discharges. To save space, the graphic is labeled only at the top of the 4 graph display.

Although there are a lot of optional arguments to this function, most are set to a logical default.

multiPlotDataOverview(eList, qUnit = 2, cex.main = 1.2,
  randomCensored = FALSE, logScaleConc = TRUE, logScaleQ = TRUE)



named list with at least Daily, Sample, and INFO dataframes


object of qUnit class printqUnitCheatSheet, or numeric represented the short code, or character representing the descriptive name.


magnification to be used for main titles relative to the current setting of cex


logical. Show censored values as randomized. Default is FALSE. If TRUE, makeAugmentedSample must be run first.


logical if TRUE y in concentration graphs plotted in log axis. Default is TRUE.


logical if TRUE y in streamflow graphs plotted in log axis. Default is TRUE.

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eList <- Choptank_eList # Water year: multiPlotDataOverview(eList, qUnit=1)
# Graphs consisting of Jun-Aug eList <- setPA(eList, paStart=6,paLong=3) multiPlotDataOverview(eList, qUnit=1)